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.32 Revolvers Chapter 11: NEF R73 Ultra

Written on December 29, 2013   By   in Handguns, Revolvers

The New England Firearms company bought out the remaining inventory from Harrington And Richardson in 1986 or 1987 after H&R went bankrupt. They brought out the R73 and R73 ultra shortly thereafter. The R73 is a basic model based on the 5 shot swing out cylinder frame of the old H&R 504. The R73 had fixed sights, and the Ultra version had adjustable sights.

My version has a 6″ heavy barrel and has been pretty solidly accurate. The revolver isn’t any stringer than the H&R guns of similar design, and as such loads need to be kept within book specs for the .32 H&R magnum.



Much like the H&R’s the NEF revolvers are usually a good value, and for someone looking to break into the .32 revolvers, it would be hard to beat.