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Doing stupid things and getting away with it.

Written on October 8, 2013   By   in Handguns, NFA, Semi Autos, Suppressors

I remember years ago reading an original Maxim silencer advertisement, and reading through their brochure. One of the things that struck me was the mention that you could fire shotshells through the suppressor just like any other gun.

If you ask online about shooting .22 shotshells through a suppressor, you will be told not to do it. You will be told this for good reason. Firing shotshells through a suppressor is a pretty bad idea. The shot could spread out and cause damage to the baffles, not to mention lead up the suppressor.

Since the Tac-Sol Cascade Ti has a generous through bore (.290″) and is fairly short and made of solid titanium, I figured I would tempt fate and fire some .22 shotshells through the suppressor to see if they worked. I figured I would know right away if they shot or the capsule weren’t clearing the suppressor.

I started out by placing some cardboard 6″ from the muzzle of the gun, and firing. The hole created was .244″ in diameter and uniform. I tried again at the same distance, the the shots were consistently less than .250″. That was good enough for me.

I started out slow, and just fired one shotshell through the can, after inspecting the suppressor and seeing no indications of contact, I fired a magazine full, still no contact. I was limited because I was shooting into the bullet trap in the safe room, so I couldn’t really back up and check out how things sounded or if it effected patterns at all. I hope to get to the range to try some more later in the week.

For now, a short video shooting into the bullet trap.