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My somewhat ill-advised carry gun

Written on April 14, 2015   By   in Uncategorized

Okay, so saying this gun is ill advised is probably a bit over the top, but I can promise that there would be a lot of internet experts that would lose their minds screaming at me about how inadequate the round the gun fires is.

To them I would say: If you’re willing to let me shoot you with it once, I’ll stop carrying it, and instead use something ‘more appropriate’.

What gun is it? why it’s the S&W model 1 1/2 centerfire. It’s a single action in the .32 S&W chambering, and boasts 5 shots, tiny sights and a birds-head grip. It’s also fairly accurate


The little revolver is lightweight, slim, and otherwise easy to carry. I’m also a pretty good shot with it, and able to put all 5 little bullets into a 2″ circle at 15 yards.