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I like things that make life easier, does that make me lazy?

Written on August 16, 2013   By   in Reloading

I’ve been casting my own bullets for a long time. One of the things about casting bullets, is you’ve got to lube them before you shoot them, or they leave a lot of lead, and kill accuracy. I’ve been using a Star lube-sizer for a long time, along with some other push-through type lubers. The star is pretty much the standard hi throughput bullet lubing machine.

Tonight I had occasion to use an old lyman 450 right after using the star. I had the size die I needed for the Lyman, and didn’t feel like changing the star over, so I lubed with the 450. It was slow. Not like molasses slow, but still so much slower that when I was done, I looked at the pile of freshly lubed bullets, and thought “that took way too long!”

It made me start thinking about the other things that I use that make my life easier. When I started reloading, I had a single stage reloading press. Making 100 rounds of ammo might take me an hour and a half at that point. Now I use a Dillon progressive, and even without case or bullet feeding, I can still load about 400 rounds an hour. I could probably go faster than that, but I don’t like to rush. There’s a difference between rushing and going fast. I like going fast, I don’t like rushing.

I use a loader for 10/22 magazines. It makes loading mags much much faster. It works so well, I want one for every other magazine I have to load regularly. Sadly, they don’t even make that design for the 10/22 anymore.

So, I like things that make life easier. Perhaps more accurately, I like things that make otherwise slow processes faster. It carries over to things outside of the shooting world as well. I like driving a car into town, instead of walking, I like using power tools when building things, I like buying vegies at the grocery instead of growing them myself. Maybe I am lazy.

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