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The worlds Heaviest Ruger Charger type pistol

Written on October 29, 2013   By   in Handguns, Semi Autos

Well, I started this project a while ago, and I’m getting closer to the final product now.

The stock is an Knox Axiom charger stock, chosen mainly because it was cheap. The Receiver is a Solid stainless unit from MOA industries. (You must start with a never before used receiver or a pistol receiver to make a pistol) The trigger assembly is a Solid stainless steel unit from an 80’s vintage AMT lightning. The Barrel is 3.5″ and was cut down from a standard barrel. The barrel is threaded and custom chambered.

The short barrel was chosen to reduce the overall length of the finished gun. One issue with the short barrel was unreliable function. 4.5″ is generally considered the minimum on a 10/22 type pistol for reliability. I slicked up the inside of the receiver and the bolt to help, but the biggest difference was the Kidd charging handle. With all that, it runs great with a 3.5″ barrel and the short barrel keeps even the hottest bulk pack type ammo subsonic.

With the Tac-Sol suppressor, the gun is reliable, quiet and running well. When I get my stamp back the gun will be going in a custom folding stock and become an SBR.



I decided to give it a try with a ‘Docter’ brand red-dot sight. It looks a little funny, but we’ll see how it shoots: